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How to Easily Maintain or even Lose Weight after Quitting Smoking

Yes, it is possible

                 to quit smoking without gaining weight!


Think of beef jerky, you know- that smoked meat that sits in the isles for months waiting to be bought? How much water do you think is in it? Not much at all. When you smoke, what do you think you are doing to your body?  It is a known fact that smoking causes dehydration. If you just look at someone who has smoked for 50 years compared with someone who hasn’t, you will see an obvious difference.

Now when you quit smoking, your body is going to naturally want to re-hydrate the cells that have been dehydrated over the years you’ve been a smoker. This means you could gain anywhere from 1 – 2.5litres of water. This is a process where your body becomes more dense and so each cell will weight more. This is just a couple of kilos and would you not rather be 1 or 2 kilos heavier and a non-smoker than the weight now and still puffing away at those sticks of poison?This is the water that your body needs to function and you’re just restoring it to the way it is meant to be naturally.

Some people tend to crave sweet foods after quitting. That’s because – depending on the type of cigarette, each one contains between 5 – 20% sugar! How so? Well, when tobacco leaves are dried, they are soaked in sugar water before being dehydrated. Why? Well have you ever eaten chocolate and not being able to stop so fast? We crave sugar! When you smoke a cigarette and want another one – Very sneaky of those tobacco companies! Some people’s hands shake when they go without a cigarette for a while… this is called hypoglycaemia, and shaky hands is one of the first symptoms of having low blood sugar. I strongly suggest having small pieces of fruit if at any time you crave a cigarette, the natural sugars in fruit are a great way to replace all that sugar that you will no longer be getting through smoking. If you gained more than just a kilo or 2, it is almost certain that is because you are eating KFC and chocolate. Quit smoking and eat well and you have nothing to worry about!

Losing weight after quitting – Now that’s exciting!

When quitting smoking using cold turkey, you’re only quitting using your conscious mind. During my sessions we also get the unconscious mind on your side, which is vital for making lasting change!  You may have noticed a part of you is trying to keep you a smoker – that is your unconscious mind believing smoking is good for you- really! That is why it is so important to get your unconscious mind on the same page with your conscious mind (the part of the mind you are aware of). When you have your entire mind working towards this goal – the results will be astonishing! During your session we also get your unconscious mind to create other healthy choices to replace cigarettes. These are things like going for a walk or taking a sip of water, whatever healthy option it is it goes a great way towards keeping you both off the smokes and gaining excessive weight, in fact often even losing some!If you try to stop smoking just consciously, there is a very good chance the unconscious mind will then try find a new habit, something else very similar which involves moving your hand to and from the mouth- eating of course! If you eat more- you will probably gain weight. How would you like to change the smoking habit into motivation for exercising and drinking more water? You are now starting to see how easy it is to avoid gaining weight or perhaps even lose some when quitting smoking if you have us to help you out!

Jana Klintoukh
Smoke-free f or Life

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