I will see my daughter's 18th birthday ... I will support my family for many years to come ... I will be able to afford that great holiday ... I will QUIT cigarettes for me, for my family, for Life.

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Maintaining Your Daily Radiation Levels

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Coffee? Check.
                       Multivitamin? Check.
                                                      Radiation dose? Check.

Has getting Radioactive become a part of your daily routine?
If you’re a regular smoker, then the answer is absolutely YES.

We’ve been hearing the negative health effects of smoking cigarettes for decades.  But what they didn’t tell you is that when you’re smoking, you’re not only filling your body with over 4000 different harmful, life threatening chemical compounds like carbon monoxide (car engine exhaust), formaldehyde (what they use to pickle dead bodies), hydrogen cyanide (the pill that spies take in the movies to commit suicide), hydrogen sulfide (remember 10th grade chemistry glass and the “rotten egg” experiment?) ammonia, two well-known isotopes of Uranium best associated with nuclear reactors (uranium-235 and uranium-238), but also two more radioactive compounds: Lead 210 and Polonium 210!

I thought that I knew all the facts about smoking.  How did I miss that one?  Polonium 210 has a half-life of 138 days which makes it about 1000 times more deadly than the nuclear fuels that were used in the first atomic bombs back in the early 1940′s. In fact, Smoking a packet of cigarettes a day for a year involves the same amount of radiation as 1,000 chest X-rays, just to put it into perspective in case you ever worried about the radiation of one of those.

You may now be wondering, how did Lead-210 and Polonium-210 even get into tobacco? Well as the radium in soil around tobacco plants releases radon gas, the tiny lead and polonium particles float and attach themselves to bits of dust that are then carried to the surface of tobacco leaves. As the leaves are covered with thousands of fine hairs, these radioactive chemicals grab hold and stay in place from the field all of the way to the smoker’s lungs. Since Lead-210 and polonium-210 are insoluble in water, they are not removed during the cleaning and cigarette manufacturing process.

A famous study by Dr. Mary Shaw and Dr. Robert Mitchell looked at the health effects of smoking cigarettes on a very large control group of smokers and non-smokers over a period of years.  In the end result it can be concluded that smoking a single cigarette decreases the life span of the average adult male by 15 minutes, taking into account an average smokers’ lifestyle choices. So if you smoke 1 pack a day, or 20 cigarettes, you just shortened your life by 5 hours each and every day that you smoke.  Now multiply that by 365 days in a year times the number of years that you have been smoking.  Is that 20 years? 30 years? 40 years? More?

The 2nd biggest reason clients come to me is due to the soaring costs of smokes, where over the next five years a pa cket of cigarettes is set to surge to over $20. If you smoke a packet a day, then that’s over $7,300 per year. Can you not think of anything else you would you rather do with that much extra every year?

To conclude, I don’t know what you would rather do with that money and even if I said there is an extremely easy way out and it takes just 60 minutes of your time to quit for the rest of your life, you probably wouldn’t believe me. You know, I know, we all know someone needs to pay those crazy cigarette taxes, so question is: Will that be you? After all, you’re not ready to quit smoking right now, are you?

Jana Klintoukh
Smoke-free for Life

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