I will see my daughter's 18th birthday ... I will support my family for many years to come ... I will be able to afford that great holiday ... I will QUIT cigarettes for me, for my family, for Life.

Quit Cigarettes Guaranteed - Brisbane and Beyond


What is holding you back?

What is preventing you from living the life you want?

Is there a fear that could put you in significant danger in your daily life?
We realise how much of a negative impact phobias can have during specific events or during our day-to-day lives. We help you eliminate unnecessary fear of:
-Traumatic memories which can prevent us from moving on or trusting others
-Fear of public speaking which can lead to poor job performance or low self-esteem
-Fear of spiders or other creatures which can lead to significant accidents in the future, and
-Fear Elevators and other small spaces which can prevent us from leading happy and comfortable lives.
What would it mean to YOU to have this phobia disappear? In a single session the phobia will be gone and you will be wondering why you didn’t do this sooner!

The above is of course not a full list of phobias we help with and in fact we can help  you eliminate almost any phobia at all. There are just a coupleof phobias we will not help you get rid of.

You see, we are born with only 2 phobias – truly! These are:
-Fear of heights, and
-Fear of loud noises
It is obvious why the two above are essential for our survival from a young age whether this be 3000 years ago or today! As young children we are protected by these two fears – and please don’t ask to get either of these two removed, they are there for your protection!

All the other fears however are learned fears and that means that you typically develop these through traumatic events and often at a rather young age.
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