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Release of Negative Emotions

Do you have large amounts of Emotional baggage from the past such as Guilt or Hurt?

Do you find yourself getting Angry at the smallest things?

Do you get sad often or suffer from depression?

Do you live in constant fear?
Do you know that Negative emotions DO NOT protect you?

It’s true! In fact, each of us has an inbuilt fight or flight mechanism which protects us. This means during an event of significant danger we either get “Fight”, where we get a rush of blood to our arms in order to stand our ground and fight or we get “Flight”, where a rush of blood flows to our legs in order to allow us to run at unprecedented speeds to carry us away from the danger. After we are safe we typically get either an influx of anger or fear and these negative emotions only accumulate with time.

Each negative emotion can contribute to the following types of health problems:
Anger Heart Attack, Heightened Cholesterol (JAMA, 6/96)

Sadness Weakened Immune System, Depression

Fear Excessive stress, PTSD, Phobia

Guilt Lowered healing energy

As well as for our general health, there are many other reasons to get rid of Negative emotions in our bodies, such as to feel significantly better, releasing all that energy and attention from those past events and emotions. Apart from just doing this for ourselves, it can also be crucial for the happiness and safety of those around us.

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