I will see my daughter's 18th birthday ... I will support my family for many years to come ... I will be able to afford that great holiday ... I will QUIT cigarettes for me, for my family, for Life.

Quit Cigarettes Guaranteed - Brisbane and Beyond

Weight Loss

 Do you get the urge to get fit and healthy only rarely if at all?

Do you get going, only to later get back to the fitness level and shape you were in previously?

Have you ever wondered what keeps others going all year round no matter how busy they are?

We help you to get the mental drive to get fit and healthy, lose weight and keep at it!
In a number of sessions we get you from where you are to having permanent desire for health and vitality! We also get your metabolism racing and you get to take home the tool to easily do it yourself. Just like all of our services, our weight-loss sessions are custom-tailored to you!
We work with you at the core.

We re-structure your priorities so that exercise IS important to you!

Not impressed? Do I hear you can easily do that yourself or have already tried that?

What if I was to tell you that you have an unconscious mind too? – That little voice you might have heard in the back of your mind.. What if we get it on your side and re-structure the priorities of your Unconscious mind?  In Hypnosis and NLP the unconscious mind is precisely what we work with – thus making permanent positive changes possible!

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