I will see my daughter's 18th birthday ... I will support my family for many years to come ... I will be able to afford that great holiday ... I will QUIT cigarettes for me, for my family, for Life.

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Workplace Solutions

Do you know how much it costs to employ a smoker each year? fsf

  • A smoker spends about 115 hours per year on unauthorised cigarette breaks. In Australia, for just 1 employee this on average would cost around $2300 a year. If you have 10 smokers working for you, that’s a whopping $23,000 in smoking breaks.
  • Smokers also take an average of at least 5 extra days of sick leave per year
  • A smoker in the workplace has40% increased risk of occupational injury, and
  • 29% increased risk of industrial injury


Why else is it important to have a Smoke-free Workplace?

I think you would agree that it is important to improve relationships within your business, ending the tension that typically exists between smokers and non-smokers, when the latter takes all those extra breaks and is more often absent or on sick leave than their non-smoking colleagues.

What we offer is an easy and fast solution that is backed by ourLifetime Guarantee, so you can offer a great incentive to your staff, who will be able toquit cigarettes in just 60 minutes with no pain, cravings or withdrawal symptoms. Imagine the benefits to you and your employees – better health, lowering your expenditure on sick pay, more productivity with less time being taken for unscheduled cigarette breaks.

Now you can offer the smokers amongst your staff the great gift of a better and healthier life by quitting cigarettes with no pain and at the same time increase your bottom line, now wouldn’t that be worth investing in?Our system has a success rate that is exceptional and is backed up with our guaranteed commitment to help your employees become permanent non-smokers. The system is quick and easy and removes the desire for cigarettes without any need for substitutes. It is totally safe and drug free with no withdrawal symptoms.

As you know, organisations are always on the lookout to raise their standards and benchmarks in order to attract and hold onto the best of the best. If you want to become a business leader and set a new industry benchmark, then it becomes important to make this decision now to invest in your staff by giving them such a fantastic opportunity to change their lifestyle into something they want. Just think about how much that would elevate your status as an employer of choice and also increase your bottom line.

We can help whether it is a number of personnel that require the service or just a one-off. We offer help to corporations around Australia and internationally to help their employees reach great heights. Our service is the fastest quit smoking program available (which means less down time for your employees) and we guarantee our absolute commitment to help your staff become Smoke-free for Life!

Contact us at 1300 508 384 to discuss your specific needs. We travel both nationally and internationally and are completely committed to supporting both your business and your staff.