I will see my daughter's 18th birthday ... I will support my family for many years to come ... I will be able to afford that great holiday ... I will QUIT cigarettes for me, for my family, for Life.

Quit Cigarettes Guaranteed - Brisbane and Beyond

Worldwide service

If you do not live in Brisbane – I can come to you!
Take advantage of this fantastic offer and make amazing changes to your health today! We all know how bad cigarettes are for your health – and now you can do something about it with a specialist coming directly to you. There are hundreds of reasons to quit cigarettes and now I present you with an extremely easy solution!

Please see below for approximate numbers and deposit amounts I require to travel out. These vary and sometimes I require as little as 1 client per place to travel internationally. Please contact me for details as the below are approximate only and I may need more or less clients per place in reality at each time.

As for the process: Once you contact me and organize a deposit, I will schedule everything for travel and the like for myself, as well as a venue for the sessions to take place. A deposit is essential for all locations outside Brisbane.


QLD, NSW, Vic, Tasmania


New Zealand

South-East Asia

Europe, USA, Canada and
other parts of Asia

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1 client, $250 deposit

2 clients, $500 deposit

2-3 clients, $700 deposit

2-4 clients, $900 deposit

2-5 clients, $1250 deposit