I will see my daughter's 18th birthday ... I will support my family for many years to come ... I will be able to afford that great holiday ... I will QUIT cigarettes for me, for my family, for Life.

Quit Cigarettes Guaranteed - Brisbane and Beyond

What to expect after you quit smoking

When you quit cigarettes you will notice many changes,

both financially and to your health


After 12 hours:1

  • Carbon monoxide level  drops in blood
  • Oxygen level in blood increases
  • Your pulse rate drops
  • Blood pressure decreases


After 24 hours:

  • Almost all of the nicotine is out of your body
  • Your blood pressure and heart rate are leveling towards standard levels
  • Your chance of heart attack drops
  • You begin to have more oxygen in your blood

Based on one smoking a packet of smokes a day, after one day of not smoking you will
have an additional $20 to yourself. You could go out for a great lunch or buy a couple of your favourite magazines.


After 2 days:2

  • Your sense of smell and taste are beginning to improve
  • You notice your skin, hair and breath smell much better
  • You will have less carbon monoxide in your body, meaning your lungs are working more efficiently

You’ve saved $40. You could buy a good bottle of wine, take a friend to the movies or buy a book or two.


After 1 week:

  • The small hair-like structures that clean your lungs are starting to work again.
  • Accumulated phlegm from smoking will loosen and you will start to cough it up and get rid of it
  • Your body is rid of most of nicotine

You’ve got a whole $140 your pocket that you wouldn’t normally have. You could spend a great day out with the family or buy a great new outfit.


After 1 month:3

  • Your lungs are working more effectively
  • Your immune system is well on it’s way to recovery
  • Excericise becomes easier
  • Your blood pressure has returned to normal
  • Your circulation is improving
  • You experience less coughing, fatigue and shortness of breath

You have now got an extra $600 that you wouldn’t have had if you had remained a smoker. You could buy a great TV or sound system or go away for a weekend trip.


After 3 months:

  • Your lung function continues to improve
  • Blood flow to the limbs is getting better
  • You are likely to feel less stressed and in a better mood than if you were still smoking
  • Your lungs have now regained the capacity to clean themselves just like before you were a smoker

After 3 months you would save $1,800. That is enough money to buy yourself a fantastic new laptop or an aged but trusty little car.


After 6 months:

After 6 months you would have saved enough money for a great holiday with the $3,600 you would have burned up in smoke.

  • The risk you were facing before to premature death from heart attack and coronary heart disease has halved


After a year:4

After a whole year of not smoking you would have more than $7,200 extra in your bank account to spend.Imagine what you could do!

You could buy a jet-ski, have the holiday of your life or simply put the $5,760 towards your mortgage payments.

Quitting smoking could easily be just like getting a $9,200 payrise and is this not the easiest payrise you’ve ever recieved?

You could also work one day less each week and still have the same amount of money in your wallet at the end of each week!


After 10 years:5

  • Risk of lung cancer drops to just one half of that of continuing smokers (provided it is not already present)
  • Risk of stroke is largely reduced
  • Risk of cancer of the mouth, throat, esophagus, kidney, pancreas and bladder decreases

Within 10 years you’ll have saved well over $100,000 in pre-tax money due to those ever growing price increases on smokes. In fact, it could easily be over $130,000 that you would be burning up in smoke if you don’t quit today!

You could have now saved over $170,000.


After 15 years:

  • Risk of coronary heart disease and death returns to nearly the level of those who have been non-smokers for all their lives

You could have now saved over $112,000 and this doesn’t even take into account any interest you could earn in the time or the likely large cigarette price rises very likely to come over the years. You could potentially have as much as close to $200,000 more in your bank assuming those expected price rises and e even just a part of that money invested.


Just think about how much cigarettes have risen in price in the last few years?

How much do you think they may go up in price over an entire 15 years?

You will have so many more years to enjoy with your loved ones and so much more cash to do what you have always dreamed of!

What is YOUR dream? Quit smoking now and turn it into reality!


Add potentially decades more years to your life and many thousands of dollars to your bank account6


If you stop smoking, you’ll save money in many other ways too, such as:

  • You’re less likely to suffer from colds, flu or other respiratory problems, thus fewer trips to the doctor and less money spent on medication
  • Not need to visit your dentist as often to have your teeth professionally cleaned and fixed
  • Lower the risk of a fire hazard in your home
  • Health insurance premiums could now cost you much less
  • Lower cleaning bills because clothes, furniture, upholstery and the interior of your car will no longer smell like cigarette smoke
  • Look, smell and feel outstading
  • Take back control once and for all
  • Appear younger and not age as fast
  • Setting an outstanding example to your family
  • Gain much more energy to do the things you love!

Our system has an exceptional 97% first time success rate  and is backed with our absolute commitment ensuring you become a non smoker for life!

If you then ever smoke another cigarette after your session with us, we will provide you with free back up sessions  until you quit smoking for life.

An average smoker’s life is a whopping 14 years shorter than the life of a non smoker.

By quitting cigarettes with us it will be like adding an average of 14 years onto your life7

How much is that worth to you?

How much is that worth to your family and loved ones.


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You can’t afford NOT to.